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Hardware mold design-structural characteristics of sheet metal stamping process


The sheet metal stamping process has the following characteristics:
①The stamping products have good quality, such as smooth surface, high precision, stable size, good interchangeability; light weight, good rigidity, high strength; stamping process can also process workpieces that are difficult to process by other processing methods, such as thin shell parts , Workpieces with flanging, undulations, ribs, etc.
② Stamping products do not require or require only a small amount of cutting processing, the material utilization rate is high, and the material cost of the workpiece is low.
③High production efficiency, simple operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation. Equipped with an advanced production line, it can realize fully automatic mechanized operation of feeding, stamping, taking parts, and waste removal, with low labor intensity.
④The mold used for stamping is generally more complicated in structure, with longer production cycle and higher cost. Therefore, the stamping process is mostly used for batch and mass production, and the production of single parts and small batches is subject to certain restrictions.
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