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Matters needing attention in the design of sheet metal stamping dies


One: the gap between the outer positioning and the material edge
1. Wool: the positioning gap is kept above 0.2mm
2. Shape positioning after trimming:
a: with internal positioning: 0.05mm
b: No internal positioning: 0.03mm
Two: the structure of external positioning
1. Circular outer positioning: generally used for composite molds or very small products. Note: The positioning of the composite die outside the master template does not require giving way.
2. Alien outer positioning:
A: Ordinary external positioning
B: Outer positioning of pressed edge: the margin of the upper die close to the pressed edge should be as small as 0.05mm
C: Positioning outside the event:
a. Generally, there is no trimming in the front project, but this project only has the content that needs precise positioning and no internal positioning.
b. The external positioning of the event requires the structure of the two adjacent sides, and the other two side activities.
c. When the external positioning of the activity is in a free state, make sure that the material edge is held above 0.5mm.
The external positioning in the forming mold is generally placed on the L-shaped positioning on the bending and bending knife, and the side is locked to facilitate adjustment.
The external positioning on the movable plate needs to move together with the template so as to avoid scratches caused by materials and positioning.
a. L-shaped positioning positive lock screw.
b. Special-shaped positioning, hold it with spring or jack.
3. Placement and foolproofing of external positioning:
Three: internal positioning / external positioning gap and process requirements:
1. The inner positioning and the material edge are generally placed in a gap of 0.02-0.03mm, and the top material pin needs to be added beside the dead inner positioning. The mold design generally adopts the movable stepped inner positioning.
2. Process requirements for internal positioning:
a. The internal positioning holes in the engineering mold need to be punched out in the same project.
b. The inner positioning should be far away from the forming deformation area, or punch the precise inner positioning hole after deformation.
c. The internal positioning must be foolproof in size or position.
d. The internal positioning holes of each project on the engineering mold should be unified. (The mold process designer should reflect on the process tape or process, the purpose is to make the mold designer clear the content and precautions when starting the structural design)
3. The height of the inner positioning platform in the mold should be 2-3T shorter than the straight positioning height of the outer positioning (this is called thick item positioning in the positioning and belongs to the stamping production experience)
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